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Chinquapin Organic Gardens plot registration


2018 registration information

Read the 2018 regulations for full information

General registration information

Garden plot

Registration for garden plots at Chinquapin Park begins in the fall. Current gardeners are given the opportunity to renew or exchange their plots, then open spaces are made available to new gardeners on a first-come, first-served basis.

Plots may become available during the garden season as gardeners give up their gardens. Plots are also occasionally reassigned if gardeners fail to follow regulations. Applicants can be added to the waiting list at any time during the year.

Registration for new gardeners: Waiting list

The city maintains a waiting list of prospective gardeners. The waiting list is maintained in the order that completed applications are received by the city, with earlier applications having priority.

When plots are available for assignment, the city will offer plots to those on the waiting list in sequential order and plots will be assigned to those who respond within the time period proscribed in the offer. Prospective gardeners who fail to respond in the allotted time or who choose not to rent an available plot will be removed from the waiting list.

The city is not responsible for plot rental invitations that are not delivered due to incorrect or out-of-date contact information, or that are not opened or responded to promptly. Plots will be offered to non-residents only when there are no city residents on the waiting list who wish to obtain a plot permit.

Download the waiting list form

2018 rental fees

1. Fees when opting in for volunteer hours:
Resident, Full Plot $90
Nonresident, Full Plot $180
Resident, Half Plot $60
Nonresident, Half Plot $120

2. Fees when opting out of volunteer hours:
Resident, Full Plot $180
Nonresident, Full Plot $360
Resident, Half Plot $120
Nonresident, Half Plot $240

City residents are given priority with regard to the rental and assignment of garden plots.

Important dates for 2017 season

• October: Renewal applications are sent out by the City to current Gardeners.
• October-December: Plots are assigned to returning Gardeners.
• Nov. 30: Final deadline for renewal applications to be submitted. Applications must be complete and accurate to be considered submitted.
• Dec. 15: Final deadline for plot permit rental fee payment for renewing gardeners.
• January-February: Available plots are assigned to Gardeners on the Waiting List.
• March 1: Gardening season officially begins. Gardeners may access plots.
• Nov. 30: Gardening season officially ends. End of Season Clean-up must be completed

See our regulations page for more information on gardening at Chinquapin.

For questions on registration and the waiting list, contact Suzanne Bouchard, city representative.

Updated October 2017

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